ELA Department

We would like to welcome you all back. I, Veronica Salinas, will be the ELA Department Head for 2018-2019.

8th Grade
M. Anaya, G. Cantu, A. Castillo, G. Chavez, K. Garcia, N. Hernandez, M. Rangel (not in picture)
Lunch            11:19-12:10
Conference   10:24-11:15
 Image of: 8th Grade Team
7th Grade
F. Daughtry, L. De La Garza, V. Vela, M. Gonzalez, R. Ruiz, V. Salinas
Lunch            1:09-2:00
Conference   8:34-9:25 (R. Ruiz, V. Vela,                                                     V. Salinas)
 Image of: 7th Grade Team
6th Grade
L. Caceres, Y. Ramos, L. Soliz, E. Trigo, D. Zuniga, V. Zuniga
Lunch            11:19-12:10
Conference   8:34-9:25 (V.Zuniga, E.                                                           Trigo, D. Zuniga)
                      2:04-2:55 (L. Caceres, Y.                                                         Ramos, L. Soliz)
 Image of: 6th Grade Team